Mattress Buying Tips - How To Save Money On A Mattress

Shopping for a mattress is very difficult. There is a reason that mattress retailers come in just below used car salesmen in terms of sleaziness in a recent survey. The mattress industry is rife with all sorts of scams, and they can cost you hundreds of dollars and a lot of lost sleep. Check out my Mattress Scams page to make sure you avoid the most insidious of these scams when you are buying a mattress.

But there is another tip I wanted to give you about buying a mattress. And this one is for when you have figured out what mattress you want to buy, and you are just trying to get the best price.

Your initial impulse might be to call around to see who is offering the best price. But this can be a big mistake, especially if you are thinking of buying one of the new higher end mattresses (which can easily be $2000 and up)

To Get The Best Price Don't Call -- Go To The Store

These days, lots of the higher end mattress manufacturers have mandated minimum pricing on their products. Recent court cases have made it much easier for companies to do this, and most are. So for many of these expensive brands, the price is the price is the price -- there is a minimum price listed that retailers just can't risk going below without endangering their relationship with the manufacturer.

Does this mean that you can't get a deal on these "price controlled" mattresses? Not really, it just means you can't get a retailer to give you a different price over the phone, by email, or in any other written form. But if you go to the store and talk with a salesmen, they may well be empowered to make a deal on the QT. What sort of a deal? Well, again, they are probably going to be most comfortable with one that doesn't involve lowering the price (so as not to possibly get back to the manufacturer and tick them off). So anything not involving the price is probably open game. That means free shipping, negotiating with them to pick up your sales tax, a free mattress protector, pillow, sheets, comforter -- whatever else they have in the store that might make a nice free addition to your purchase. Don't ask for all these or for a combination that is just too expensive. But if you are purchasing an expensive mattress, start with the shipping, tax, and free pillows and go from there.

As for the price, if the mattress is $2000 and up you may well be able to negotiate that as well. The more expensive the mattress, the more likely they will be able to give you a discount. What sort of discount might you be able to get? Very hard to generalize, but the store's profit margin on these high end mattresses is pretty high, so you might start with 10% and go down from there. Be aware, though, that if you do get a discount on the price you may not be able to get any of the freebies. So pick which is more important to you, and realize you may well be able to walk with freebies in value way over any discount you might be able to negotiate (since the retailers cost on a freebie is much lower than the retail price, you might get double the value of freebies over the value of any discount).

But again, you can't really do this over the phone. To get the best price and deal you will need to visit the stores and go old school -- talk to them and see what is possible.

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