Mattress Sales Are Getting Hit In 2008 -- A Good Time To Buy?

Lately, I seem to see something almost daily about mattress industry sales problems. Tempur-Pedic® was the first to come out with bad news -- they reported their first sales declines in the U.S. ever. The market wasn't kind with these lagging sales - Tempur-Pedic's ® stock went down almost 35% in a day. Select Comfort has been struggling with same store sales declines for some time, and their stock is down almost 80%. And it isn't just mattress manufacturer's that are having a hard time. One of the largest foam manufacturers in the country, Foamex, which supplies foam to the bedding industry, just announced that its sales were down 11.1% in the fourth quarter of 2007. Overall, ISPA, the mattress industry association, is predicting a 3% unit decline in unit shipments of mattresses in 2008.

So the recession seems to have hit the mattress industry, and in some specific cases like Tempur-Pedic®, very hard.

Does this mean that it is a good time to buy? I haven't heard that retailers are offering deals as of yet to drive more sales. But I'm guessing that as the year goes on and the hurt continues, dealers may well be willing to wheel and deal to try get sales. How can you try to get the best deal/price on a mattress? I've written a report specifically on this -- How To Save Money When Buying A Mattress. As you will read in this report, it is easier to negotiate a deal on a more expensive mattress. But even if you are looking for a more moderate mattress, deals may start to pop up given the times. The best place to look for these kind of deals is often in the Sunday paper. For whatever reason, the Sunday paper has traditionally been the place for mattress and bedding retailers to advertise their current "sales" (of which, they seem to always have one).

But again, on the more premium mattresses, retailers are often contractually unable to advertise any sale or price break. To get a deal on these sort of mattresses, you'll want to check out my report How To Save Money When Buying A Mattress.