Innerspring Mattresses Ė Are Steel Springs Still The Key Ingredient In The Most Comfortable Mattress? Surprisingly, Maybe So

innerspring mattress with springs showing
A Look At The Steel Springs That Provide The Support For An Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring, or coil, type mattresses are the most common version of mattress sold in the U.S. And while innerspring mattresses have been around since the early 1900's, they have changed radically in the last 10 - 15 years. Where innerspring mattresses used to be fairly simple beds -- 6" - 8" thick with a continuous layer of coiled wire surrounded by a bit of foam or batted cotton -- today they are clocking in at 11" - 15" thick and they often sport a substantial "pillow top" layer offering the latest innovation in mattress technology (memory foam, latex, etc.).

Why the move towards these high altitude beds (some of which, I kid you not, people need a step stool to get into)? It is simple really. The cold, hard facts that old school mattress makers have had to face is that sleeping on a slab of steel wire is just not very comfortable.

And as the mattress market has seen the newer technologies enter the market, such as beds made using memory foam, latex, and even digital air beds, innerspring manufacturers have had to scramble to reinvent their product to try to compete. The result- a new generation of far more comfortable coil type mattresses using a unique new technology that responds to pressure points far more efficiently, distributes weight evenly, and universally supports almost every body type, a kind of ďone size fitsĒ all mattress.

This technology is actually, pretty amazing. Rather than weave all of the coils together in one big slab that simply gets dropped into the mattress when itís made, the coil system is made using individually pocketed coils, each one reacting differently to weight and movement.

For example, on the outer edge of these mattresses, where you tend to sit, put your shoes on, or simply transfer to a standing position, the first few lines of coils may be stiffer, while as you get into particular zones of the bed, the coils may be slightly softer and cushier in feel. In one mattress, especially a high quality unit, you can get many as 1200 coils in a king size mattress, and around 1,000 in a queen!

Each single coil is wrapped in a fabric encasement, and the top and bottom of the entire array is attached to a flexible fabric that allows your body to operate each coil independently- an ingenious reinvention of a system that is more than a hundred years old.

But- although there are many individually pocketed coil mattresses out there now, thereís still a lot to consider. Basically that means the layers of comfort ingredients that are place on top of or below the coil system-this means everything when it comes to creating the most comfortable options to choose from.

Forward thinking manufacturers of coil or innerspring mattresses kept the innerspring core, but layered around it these new comfort layers. Iíve tried many of these mattresses, and since I am a latex fan, I tried to find a pocketed coil model that had some latex above it, since the floating and buoyant sensation that you get from latex would seem to enhance the effect of the coils Springy, soft and supportive, but not too bouncy.

One thing I did notice about all of the pocketed coil type mattresses was one common feature-minimal motion transfer. I think this is because the coils are not all woven together, so you donít get the jiggly transfer from one coil to the next, to the next.

I also tried memory foam, and other kinds of layers, like wool, and although they had a nice feel, the memory foam kind of sank into the coil layers and did not keep me supported and if you have back and neck issues, a pocketed coil system with latex seems to be the best solution, at least in my opinion.

So, although you may find one in a store that is wrapped in s beautiful outer cover with suede, silk, or woven Egyptian whatever, itís whatís inside thatís far more important. Remember, the only time youíre going to see that pretty outer cover, is when you change your sheets!

I tried to find a similar product online, and not surprisingly, found a mattress on a web site that I recommend elsewhere, called Habitat Furnishings. They invented a specialized pocketed coil mattress that sells for a reasonable price, and it seems to have all of the ingredients you might want in a pocketed coil mattress. They use a 3Ē layer of pure latex, a layer of Jomma Wool to make the mattress sleep cooler, they even give you an organic cover and a thirty year warranty.

The benefit I think of buying online, is many mattresses can be rolled and vacuum packaged, which is hugely popular, since mattress donít get damaged very much when shipped like this, and it makes it easy to deploy and unfurl on top of your foundation piece. Habitat ships their pocketed coil mattress this way, which I thought was really cool, since I have never heard of a coil mattress being shipped this way. No more tearing up your mattress dragging up to your bedroom!

I looked all over the web for another company with a similar product, especially a thirty year warranty, and couldnít find anything even close. The crazy thing is, they are well reviewed, have an A+ BBB rating, and if you donít like the mattress, you can return it within 365 days.

The mattress is called the Habitat Regal Tranquility Mattress, and you can check it out here-

Or, if you prefer talking with someone, they do offer live phone customer service 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, at 800-313-2591. All their staff apparently have years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of all natural latex mattresses, and they can help you see if latex may be a solution for your particular sleep needs. I have found that not all companies selling latex mattresses even offer phone service!

Itís worth taking a look at, and I always say this when I write my articles- I donít get a commission or referral fee for any sales from mattresses I recommend, but I do ask for a small sponsor fee from a site, especially if I find a mattress I really like, to help me keep this site up and running.

Iím a piano tuner by day, but I am compelled to share my mattress research based on my experience with nightmarish mattress shopping experiences, but there are costs involved to keep a web site like this one up and running.