Mattress Buying Tips - Getting The Most For Your Money

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With All These Choices, How Can You Get The Most From Your Money?

As I've spent time researching the mattress industry, I've come across some insider's secrets on buying a mattress. Unfortunately, the mattress industry remains very opaque -- and purposefully so. The last thing many in the industry want is for customers to be able to easily compare mattresses from differing retailers. And since mattress manufacturers are able to easily change model names and numbers (unlike the car industry), it has long been industry practice for manufacturers to rename a model for different retailers (a practice I talk about in more detail on my Mattress Scams page).

But even given the barriers that the mattress industry throws up to keep consumers from comparison and price shopping, there are some ways to shop smarter to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Here are my best tips gathered from my mattress buying experience and through my research:

If you want specific tips on buying the type of mattresses I recommend (rather than innersprings, I really feel that memory foam, latex, or air beds provide a lot more comfort), you can check out the in-depth information provided by our Sponsor: Habitat Furnishings for Latex Mattresses, or Air Beds. While they do offer their products to sell, both of these sites are first and foremost information resources. They both offer in-depth videos that answer most of the FAQs they hear daily about latex mattresses, and air beds. So if you are thinking of buying one of these specialty mattresses, check them out -- you will be a much better educated consumer and hopefully much more likely to end up with a mattress that gives you the comfort you are looking for.