Adjustable Beds -- The Hottest Trend in the Mattress Industry For 2008

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) just had their bi-annual show in Baltimore, and from what I hear the biggest trend at the show was adjustable beds.

And this makes sense. As I talked about before, with the boomer demographic just starting to hit retirement age, they are spending more and more money on sleep. And while the mattress industry has responded to this desire to be pampered by creating more and more luxurious beds, they see a huge and growing market in providing an elevated sleep experience through an adjustable bed.

These new adjustable beds aren't your father's - while you can still find the traditional Craftmatic adjustable beds for $1000 - 2000, the newer entrants to the adjustable bed category can be stratospherically expensive -- topping out with the new top of the line Hollandia Adjustable Bed from Israel that comes in at $50,000.

While I haven't tried out the Hollandia myself to see what a $50,000 bed feels like, it does illustrate that the mattress industry sees a new market for high end adjustable beds.

The report I hear back from ISPA is that there were a tremendous amount of companies showing adjustable beds. Some with the traditional decks that support the bed and move, and some using Euro slat foundations that move.

If you are interested in an adjustable bed, you should soon see a much wider variety of styles and options available at local stores. I would expect them to not only show up at mattress retailers, but also high end furniture stores and back specialty stores. The pricing may vary tremendously, so check around and see what types you like (the classic firm decked adjustable beds vs the Euro slat options) and also the range of adjustability they offer. You may also want to compare how quickly they adjust and how noisy they are.