About Us

So how did I end up putting together a site about mattresses? It all started when I began to look for my first new mattress in years. Walking into the showroom, I was overwhelmed by the choices. Since I had bought my last mattress, there has been a revolution in the mattress business. Where spring mattresses had been the only choice before, now there were a plethera of choices: memory foam mattresses, air beds, and latex mattresses, in addition to all sorts of new variations on the spring mattress. And mattresses had grown in size and complexity -- where they used to be just 6" to 8", they now routinely top 10" - 12" and some even go 13" - 15" high (I would need a step stool to get into these massive mattresses).

Not only were the choices dizzying, but I had quickly learned it wasn't easy to shop and get a good deal on a mattress. Mattress retailers use a variety of tools and tricks to take advantage of customers -- it is tough out there.

Given my meticulous nature, I decided to research both the mattress choices as well as the whole mattress purchase process to make sure I got the mattress I wanted and the deal I wanted as well.

This website is a result of this research. I hope it helps you find the mattress that is right for you as well as getting the best deal possible. To make sure you don't get taken, you may want to check out my page on common scams used in the mattress industry. And check out the different buyer's guides I've put together: innerspring buyer's guide, latex beds buyer's guide, memory beds buyer's guide, air beds buyer's guide, and adjustable beds buyer's guide.

Sponsorship of Site

In the spirit of full disclosure, and because we don't want you to feel scammed by us in any way, Habitat Furnishings has become the sponsor of this site. Their sponsorship is a fixed monthly fee, not a fee based on clicks to them or any ultimate sale. So you can click all you want to their sites without it having any financial affect on me. Rather than trying to find various advertisers and run a bunch of ads that would detract from the actual content of the site, I decided that sponsorship was a better way to go -- it allows me to concentrate on the content of the site, rather than ad promotion, and I also feel comfortable that these dealers will do right by any people I refer, which is very different than running ads that might refer people to sites I have no particular knowledge of the quality of their products or business practices.

This sponsorship program is our way of financing the advertising for this site -- which is the main way people are able to find our site. If there was no advertising for the site, we could only get our information out to a very small amount of people who happened to come across our site in the course of their searching on the internet. By advertising the site, we are able to get our site and its information into the public eye.

So we do accept a sponsorship fee in order to keep this enterprise going. We think it is great that the dealers support us in our efforts, and we hope you will at least look at the information they provide on memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and air beds -- even if you don't buy from them, they provide very in-depth information about these types of mattresses, including really informative videos that really help you understand which, if any, of these mattress options might work best for you.